Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Ross Taylor, Indonesia's Golden Boy

Here's a rundown on Ross Taylor's flow of filthy lucre from Indonesia (thanks to Dianne Frola), including importing low-wage workers to compete with Australians, and here's his recent public comments about Schapelle, brilliantly shredded (not to mention cut to pieces), by Sergio Zaza (a long time supporter of Schapelle, professionally qualified and with a mind like a steel trap for detail and history), after information supplied by the passionate and committed Sonja Gribble. Well, I guess with over 2,700 friends of Schapelle on Facebook (not to mention the dozens of other groups with thousands of members), we do a very nice line in effective teamwork. And here's a sharp dose of reality for some dumb and complacent fat cats . . .

The documentary (already in the can overseas), will take the World by storm, as will the book.

Nearly 85% of Australians want Schapelle home now.

Over 62% think she's innocent.

There are some full page news ads just waiting in the wings.

Bali is expensive, filthy, diseased and dangerous - and Aussies are getting very peed off with the place.

It's official, Indonesia is the the most corrupt country in SE Asia.

Just over six weeks ago, Schapelle was on the front page of New Idea yet again, with articles that tore the lid off of Indonesian corruption and cruelty. There is a readership of almost 1.5 million - and women make most of the holiday decisions. This continual publicity will not stop, because Schapelle sells copy like hot cakes, and even trumped Julia Gillard in the same week Australia had its first female PM.

Ross Taylor and his cronies would run a mile from honest questions, because Kevin Rudd and Greg Moriarty are already blanking inquiries re justice, terrorism and crime as they relate to Schapelle. No worries though, they'll continue to get reminders and phone calls (publicly documented), for as long as it takes.

PS Ross, here's the first page of your Google search results with this blog post topping the links, and here's information on the pack of hyenas that tortured Lindy Chamberlain.